Terms & Conditions
  1. The Spring Offer You Can’t Miss
    Cashback Reward Maximum $7,000
    The more lots you trade
    The more cashback you get

  2. Campaign Period: Present to 30/04/2020

  3. Qualification: MT5 account holders are entitled to participate in the reward program

  4. Rules
  5. 1. One STANDARD LOT equals $2 cashback, for every 100 STANDARD LOTS, you can claim your cashback.
  6. 2. This reward program is 100-Standard-lot based. The maximum rewarded cashback is $7,000.

  7. Example
    Client A Client B
    489 Standard Lots * $2 = $800 500 Standard Lots * $2 = $1,000
    With only 11 standard lots more, Client B got extra $200 cashback

  8. Terms and Regulations
  9. 1. This reward program is valid until 2020/4/30.
  10. 2. Every MT5 account holder ONLY has one opportunity to participate in this reward program.
  11. 3. Hedging orders will be counted as one order only when cashing back the rewards.
  12. 4. EAs are not allowed for the competition.
  13. 5. CFD does not apply to this reward program.
  14. 6. Holding a position under 5 minutes does not apply to this reward program.
  15. 7. This reward program is only for MT5 account and mini account holders.
  16. 8. VIP and MAM account holders can’t attend this reward program.
  17. 9. MT5 account holders can’t attend USG’s other special promotions at the same period.
  18. 10. This reward program is 100-Standard-lot based. The maximum of rewarding cashback is $7,000.
  19. 11. Withdrawal for the rewarding cashback needs to make extra 3 standard lots. For those who continue to trade, there’s no limit of extra lots.
  20. 12. MT5 account holders who meet the requirement of this reward program shall apply for the withdrawal within 10 days after 2020/4/30. Expired application will be denied.
  21. 13. Any withdrawal application needs to be checked by USG.
  22. 14. The final interpretation of this contest is owned by USG.
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