Terms & Conditions
  1. How to Participate:
    Losable Deposit Bonus: After clients make required deposit, 5%-8% losable bonus would be rewarded. The correspondent deposit amount is required as below.
    Deposit Amount $5,000-9,999 Above $10,000
    Losable Bonus Rewarded 5% 8%
  2. Terms & Conditions:
    1. Campaign Period: 2020/07/13 to 2020/10/13
    2. The losable bonus can only be a single-time and non-accumulative deposit. But if the deposit can’t be done single time and needs to split into multiple times, it can be viewed as a single-time deposit under the circumstances that it is done in one day and if there’s no trading lot being made.
    3. If there is a withdrawal after the bonus is rewarded, then the bonus will be deducted by the bonus ratio according to the withdrawal amount (5% or 8% of the withdrawal). If the account net balance drops below the minimum required deposit after the withdrawal ($5,000 for 5%, $10,000 for 8%), all bonus will be canceled.

      Example 1:
      Deposit $10,000 and get $800 bonus. If another $2,000 deposit is made, there will not be any rewarded bonus. Clients can only deposit another $10,000 for $800 bonus.

      Example 2:
      To avoid misleading and confusion, 5% bonus and 8% bonus cannot be mixed used. If clients receive a 5% bonus and deposit another $10,000 in the same account afterward, the bonus remains at 5%. When clients deposit $10,000, clients receive 8% bonus in the first place. However, when clients make a $2,000 withdrawal, making the account net balance lower than $10,000, he/she cannot claim to retain a 5% bonus while all bonus are canceled according to the rule.

    4. The bonus is considered to be against deficit. After losing all money in an account, the bonus can still be used to trade.
    5. The losable bonus is for trading only. It cannot be withdrawn or intra-transferred to another account.
    6. If all positions are closed and the bonus faces a 90% losing or above, it is considered to be used out. USG will delete the bonus.
    7. This promotion is only available for standard account, mini account and VIP account. MAM account and those accounts which hold extra spread and commission conditions are not eligible for this offer.
    8. USG will take back the bonus and all profits and commission earned if the bonus is abused for abnormal trading of speculation or irregular commission collection. Discretion of above abnormal trading is owned by USG technical team, and USG technical team reserves the right at its sole discretion.
    9. USG reserves the right of final interpretation for the bonus in this promotion. If any objection, the determination is with USG as highest priority.
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