USGFX Prepaid Card Introduction

  • USGFX provides clients and partners with safe, convenient, global deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • The USGFX Prepaid Card is an account aggregation service, allowing you to choose how to manage your funds as efficiently as possible.
  • USGFX works with a trusted global payment provider. USGFX provides you with an aggregate solution - use just one account to manage your USGFX Prepaid Card.

USGFX Prepaid Cards

  1. You get the lowest transaction fees when depositing or withdrawing funds from your USGFX trading accounts.
  2. Your funds are held confidentially.
  3. Rebate bonuses will be paid directly into your Prepaid Card.
  4. Online Enquiries: you can check your account and trade online 24/7.
  5. You can withdraw funds from multiple accounts registered in your name.
  6. You can choose both to deposit and withdraw funds via USGFX Prepaid Card
  7. There is no need for a bank account and you won't have to undergo a credit review.

Why Apply for a USGFX Prepaid Card?

  1. You can use the USGFX Prepaid Card in online stores and shops worldwide.
  2. You can use the USGFX Prepaid Card to withdraw local currency from ATMs around the world. It only takes 2 hours to gain access to your funds when you load up your USGFX Prepaid Card from your USGFX account.
  3. You can check your balance and load funds to your account directly through the USGFX Prepaid Card.
  4. If you lose your card, USGFX will provide a replacement card and transfer the balance from your original card to the new one. (Please report a lost card immediately.)
  5. The USGFX Prepaid Card is available in USD.

USGFX Prepaid Card - Prices and Fees

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