30 October 2018

USA China Trade War

Donald Trump’s administration has adopted a strong nationalist stance. Part of the policy direction has involved a particularly aggressive stance against towards trading with China. The immediate short term effect has been the strengthening of the US dollar against all major currencies with the exception of the Japanese Yen. In stark contrast the Chinese currency initially lost eight percent of its value relative to...(Read more)

25 October 2018

How to Pick a Quality Broker

The Forex market does not have a central marketplace, so in order to trade you need to find a quality Forex broker to assist you in your trading activity. There are an ever-growing number of Forex brokers, making it a confusing and frustrating task to choose a quality broker. Particularly, if you have to wade through the vast number of advertisements in the print and electronic media spruiking various broker attribu...(Read more)

5 October 2018

September 2018 Quarterly Review

With the close of the third quarter for the calendar year, all eyes are on the worsening trade situation between the United States and China. The US announced to impose tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports and China retaliated by imposing tariffs on USD 60billion of US goods. While the US dollar has been buoyant this year, the trade situation with China is beginning to weigh on expectations. However, mark...(Read more)

18 September 2018

Day trading: can it help you reach your goals?

Day trading – the buying and selling of an instrument in a single day is an often-misunderstood concept sometimes portrayed as a get rich quick scheme. Many novices are attracted to day trading, believing that it will help them to achieve overnight success – unfortunately their chances of success are very slim unless they prepare and educate themselves before entering the market. The bottom line with day trading, as ...(Read more)

4 September 2018

Trends: how to identify if a new trend is emerging or if an existing trend is maturing

Forex traders can access a variety of analysis tools to track Forex movements, but one of the most reliable and easy to use is basic trend analysis. When you employ simple tactics of analysing swing high and lows you can make informed judgements on a developing trend. Informed trend analysis is a critical part of successful trading. This article will give an introduction to identifying and trading trends in Forex. A...(Read more)

17 August 2018

Risk Management Strategies

Risk Management Strategies The very nature of Forex trading carries an element of risk. Being aware of the inherent risks and taking the necessary steps to guard against them is one of the key steps in becoming a successful Forex trader. Everyone has a slightly different risk profile – however, it’s important for everyone to understand the two types of risk involved with Forex trading - margin and volatility. When ...(Read more)

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