19 November 2018

USGFX achieves UK Financial Conduct Authority Licence

In keeping with USGFX's commitment to improving client services and security, as a part of USG Group, USGFX UK has just been granted a UK Forex licence by the United Kingdom's Financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with FRN 798776.

The Financial Conduct Authority is widely regarded as one of the big three financial regulatory bodies in the world, the others being Australia’s ASIC and the National Futures Association in the United States. The Financial Conduct Authority was established in 2013 as a response to Britain's previous regulatory body being unable to recognise or mitigate the disastrous events of the Global Financial Crisis.

Today, the authority is universally recognised as one of the most robust financial authorities operating within the world of Forex and CFDs.

As with many other new or beefed up regulatory bodies the Financial Conduct Authority has set up strict controls and made the consumer the primary focus and concern of its regulations.

Only firms that can demonstrate a capability of complying with these new, more rigorous standards can apply for the appropriate licence form the Financial Conduct Authority. This greater governance creates much sought-after confidence for consumers, who can be assured that holders of a Financial Conduct Authority licence are responsible companies that place the highest priority upon protecting clients and their funds. Multi award-winning broker, USGFX are pleased to be numbered amongst the industry leading firms who have been judged worthy to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The granting of the licence by the Financial Conduct Authority is due recognition of USGFX UK’s high commitment to regulatory compliance and a capacity to trade as well as a physical presence within the UK. A trading licence issued by the Financial Conduct Authority is seen by many industry insiders as representing the Gold Standard for financial firms seeking to conduct operations within the United Kingdom and with good reason.

Importantly, the organisation has close ties wth other European bodies including ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority). This is great news from a consumer’s viewpoint as there is comfort in understanding that the standards applied in the UK are at least equal to as anywhere else in Europe.

As USGFX, are committed to building long term relationships with our clients, the granting of a licence by the Financial Conduct Authority is seen as a key step in cementing USGFX's position in the global Forex marketplace. The license is seen as vindication of its commitment to operate on trust, to be transparent and to provide premium trader support services.

The licence will help USGFX to take their already outstanding service to the next level and enable them to offer a world class worldwide brokerage service.

USG group is an international group, regulated and licensed in multiple jurisdictions:

USGFX AU is an ASIC regulated Broker and holds an Australian Financial Services License, with the company headquartered in Sydney.

USGFX UK is a FCA regulated Broker and holds a Financial Conduct Authority Licence, with the company headquartered in London.

For more information about USGFX please visit their website at USGFX.com

USGFX FRN 798776

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