27 Maret 2020

Can I Make Forex Trading into a Fulltime Job?

Forex trading can be a rewarding and profitable profession. Like any profession it takes practice, persistence and an ongoing education program. The first thing to understand about forex trading is that it is not gambling. It is a pastime that requires a range of skills and a great deal of discipline. While gaining access to a forex trading platform is a relatively simple process you simply can’t wake up one day and ...(Read more)

26 Maret 2020

The effect of the coronavirus on the Forex market

The impacts of the coronavirus have been felt across the entire global economy with no country or economy immune from its devastating effect Global share markets have plummeted, local businesses are closing everywhere you turn, and governments are scrambling across the globe to prevent local economies from falling into recession or potentially, a depression. Fear has been a key driver in both the Forex and stock mark...(Read more)

3 Maret 2020

Is Forex Trading Gambling?

To gamble is to ride your luck, to risk something you already have on the chance that you will gain something else. When you bet on the spin of a roulette wheel you are betting on chance and hoping that lady luck intervenes on your behalf. Many people mistakenly see Forex trading as gambling - when in actual fact an educated Forex trader is making decisions based on sound data, observable trends and historical preced...(Read more)

21 Februari 2020

Are forex trading courses really worth it? How do I know to choose the right one?

Forex trading can be a very lucrative business - when you understand what you’re doing and how to trade within your chosen parameters. However, like any business, the difference between making and losing money often comes down to several critical factors - preparation, knowledge and proper planning. If you are considering entering the Forex market and want to remain in it for any length of time, you simply have to pu...(Read more)

4 Februari 2020

How much do you need to know before trading forex

Gaining access to forex trading platforms is relatively easy and it is possible to begin forex trading without any preparation or knowledge at all. However, trading without at least gaining a working knowledge of forex is a recipe for disaster. If you are serious about forex trading there are some essential concepts that you need to come to grips with. These concepts are: Forex trading is all...(Read more)

17 Januari 2020

How will the escalating tension between the US and Iran effect global currencies?

The increasing tensions between the United States and Iran have been cause for some alarm in currency markets, with traditional safe haven currencies like the Yen and Swiss Franc rising against the US dollar and other currencies. This flight to quality is a typical reaction in times of uncertainty in the Middle East as countries that are reliant upon oil for their energy supplies are exposed to significant risks to t...(Read more)

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