27 novembro 2019

Cryptocurrency volatility

There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency volatility has helped some people to grow their wealth in a very short time frame. It is equally true that the same volatility has caused many people have lost significant sums when they have been left holding the currency when the market has nosedived. This volatility has led many to believe that cryptocurrency is a scam and should not be trusted. While there are arguments to be ...(Read more)

21 novembro 2019

Why you need a forex trading log and what you should keep in it.

There’s an old saying in business that goes something like “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth tracking.” That is because when you track activity you have the ability to analyse performance, to spot weaknesses and highlight strengths. When you track activity, you are plotting and analysing your performance. Keeping a forex trading activity log gives you the means of doing precisely that in relation to your Forex tradin...(Read more)

30 outubro 2019

The Impact of the Oil Supply On the Forex Market’

The modern economy is powered by oil and most economies are heavily reliant upon a regular supply of oil. Economies that need to import their supplies of oil can be adversely affected by a slowing in the oil supply and the resultant rise in price, conversely, countries that are in a position to export the product will appreciate the resultant rise in prices. With this strong reliance on oil, a country’s currency can ...(Read more)

14 outubro 2019

The Importance of Trading Psychology

Perhaps the most important aspect of Forex trading is not mastering the technical skills but understanding and controlling the psychology of trading. Understanding your own trading psychology and how trading psychology is likely to affect others can give you the all important edge in Forex trading. Simply explained,trading psychology involves an understanding of the emotions at play in the trading environment as well...(Read more)

24 setembro 2019

Building good habits builds better hopes of trading success

We are all creatures of habit and habits can determine our potential for success in all walks of life. It is no different with Forex trading. Bad habits cost money and good ones give you the best chance of making consistent profits. The trading world is an intense pressure cooker environment that facilitates the growth of good and bad habits. This happens because the brain is programmed to take snapshots of highly em...(Read more)

12 setembro 2019

Understanding Gold Price Movements

Recent political events have seen an upsurge in gold prices and brought trading in the precious metal sharply into focus. Before jumping into the gold market, it makes good sense to have a broad understanding of the factors that influence the price of gold, so that you can make intelligent informed decisions about buying and selling the commodity. People have been buying and selling gold since the dawn of civilisatio...(Read more)

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