17 июня 2019

What Do the European Elections Mean?

European elections are usually regarded as fairly insignificant however, with the rise of populist nationalism across Europe many people were somewhat nervous about the results of this election. Many analysts feared that the EU sympathetic parties would lose control of the European parliament which would have greatly affected the parliament’s ability to make cohesive law. The results were not necessarily a vindicatio...(Read more)

3 июня 2019

Growing Fears of China USA Trade War Worsening

There are growing concerns in the global community that the trade tensions between the United States and China will get worse before they improve. The tensions are the result of the two superpowers vying for economic supremacy, particularly within the Asian region. The United States has become accustomed to being the number one economic superpower since the end of the Second World War and their reaction to China’s r...(Read more)

3 мая 2019

The upcoming Australian interest rates decision- could change the way you trade

The recent Bureau of Statistics CPI number of zero percent has most financial market analysts predicting the first interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank in over two and a half years. Interest rates are one of the few tools that the RBA has at its disposal to manage the economy. Typically interest rates are lowered to stimulate consumer demand and increased to put the brakes on a surging economy. For the past couple ...(Read more)

29 апреля 2019

Trade Dispute between EU and USA Threatens to Escalate

Since the start of the Trump Presidency trade relations between the European Union and the USA have deteriorated substantially. At the heart of this situation is President Trump’s determination to put American interests first in all trade negotiations. This focus has resulted in an escalation of a long standing dispute pertaining to subsidies made by the EU to Airbus and the USA to Boeing. These disputes have been ...(Read more)

11 апреля 2019

AFP raids on Forex Broker Underline Importance Of Using a Quality Broker

Recent raids by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and ASIC (Australian Investment Security Commission) on two Forex brokers have highlighted concerns that ASIC has over rogue Forex traders operating on the fringe of the industry. Forex brokers, like any other financial service are required to act in their client’s best interests at all times. USGFX, for example, goes to great lengths to provide ongoing training an...(Read more)

22 марта 2019

What Impact Will Falling Australian Property Values Have on the Australian Economy?

Australians have hade a long lasting love affair with home ownership. In fact, Australians have historically enjoyed very high home ownership rates compared to the rest of the world. It is no surprise, therefore that housing and monetary policies are at the forefront of Australian political and economic commentary. The recent slump in housing prices in capital cities particularly has sent shock waves through the Aus...(Read more)

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