9 July 2019

Mixed Reviews for Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libra, has been launched to a mixed reception. Many commentators hail the development as innovative and game changing while others suggest that it has been poorly thought out and may be vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation. Cryptocurrency has been on the radar for some years now, but has always suffered from brand awareness and security issues. While early adopters will readily pr...(Read more)

2 July 2019

Rising Middle East Tensions Push Gold Market Higher

The Middle East has been a source of constant tension for decades and the United States has been prominently involved in the Geopolitics of the region for many years. The region’s vast oil reserves, the competing religious beliefs and political views of countries within the region and the rise of the petro-dollar make a volatile cocktail that requires a steady political hand. The recent escalation in tension between ...(Read more)

26 June 2019

Will Australian Interest Rates Fall Further & What Will It Mean If They Do?

Despite the RBA’s action on interest rates at the start of this month, the Australian economy remains weak. Unemployment remains steady at 5.2%, annual GDP growth has fallen below 2% to 1.8% - the lowest annual GDP number since the September quarter of 2009 and the housing market remains stagnant despite the federal government’s efforts to stimulate it with measures such as the first home owner’s loan deposit scheme ...(Read more)

17 June 2019

What Do the European Elections Mean?

European elections are usually regarded as fairly insignificant however, with the rise of populist nationalism across Europe many people were somewhat nervous about the results of this election. Many analysts feared that the EU sympathetic parties would lose control of the European parliament which would have greatly affected the parliament’s ability to make cohesive law. The results were not necessarily a vindicatio...(Read more)

3 June 2019

Growing Fears of China USA Trade War Worsening

There are growing concerns in the global community that the trade tensions between the United States and China will get worse before they improve. The tensions are the result of the two superpowers vying for economic supremacy, particularly within the Asian region. The United States has become accustomed to being the number one economic superpower since the end of the Second World War and their reaction to China’s r...(Read more)

3 May 2019

The upcoming Australian interest rates decision- could change the way you trade

The recent Bureau of Statistics CPI number of zero percent has most financial market analysts predicting the first interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank in over two and a half years. Interest rates are one of the few tools that the RBA has at its disposal to manage the economy. Typically interest rates are lowered to stimulate consumer demand and increased to put the brakes on a surging economy. For the past couple ...(Read more)

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