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Join Rob Clayton every Thursday afternoon as he walks you through a number of tried and tested trading strategies, methods and techniques to allow you to get exposure to different trading scenarios and find & perfect your own trading style along the way.

Some of the strategies Rob demonstrates include trending, break-out, ranging, short-term and of course long-term as well as demonstrating the effective use of his favourite charts and indicators.

Having a strategy is one of the most important things to becoming a successful trader and at USGFX we help our clients find and refine their trading strategies.

The sessions are always live and interactive and clients are encouraged to interact and ask questions to optimise the learning process.

To further aid the understanding of the lessons, our clients also gain direct email access to Rob Clayton so that they can ask any follow-up questions they may have.

“There are a few things you simply need to do well as a trader and these things need to be practiced and perfected over time. The TradersClub FX Trading Course will allow you to do just that”

Rob Clayton

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